Aftermarket Parts

JMS can supply Certified Parts for our systems as well as common systems from other manufacturers. As the manufacturer of your system, we have the specifications, component lists, fabrication records, and system specific drawings and measurements that we can use to determine the correct part to meet your need.

Our objective is to supply you with expert equipment knowledge and competitive pricing to keep your equipment running at its best. Our use of parts lists and an extensive database will streamline the sales process and give you the confidence that the exact part that you need is on its way. Our recommendation today, will save you time and effort tomorrow.

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JMS Mega-BEARING (High Performance Bearing System)

JMS Paddle Wheel Flocculator Aftermarket Parts Mega-BEARING (High Perforamce Bearing System)
Bearings “make the world go around” and are associated with such desirable process descriptions as faster, trouble-free, long-life, and more productivity. The importance of bearings in any piece of equipment can be measured by extended equipment life and low maintenance requirements among other variables. Water treating applications represent a challenging environment for bearings in that they are full-time operations, high load, and can contain high amounts of abrasive grit. JMS has been supplying paddle wheel flocculators since 1962, and over the years has seen the evolution in materials of construction for bearing housings and liners. JMS has taken a leadership role in pioneering manufacturing methods, design, and materials of construction to enhance the performance and life of the bearings used in their Mega-FLOCS (Paddle Wheel Flocculators). After much research, JMS is introducing the new Mega-BEARING (High Performance Bearing System). This multiple component system combines all the best of technology and materials of construction maximizing bearing and resulting equipment life. Learn more about the JMS Mega-BEARING (High Performance Bearing Assembly) Today

Exclusive Poly-Texx®  HPVT Liner

Poly-Texx NSF 61 certified HPVT liner is an innovative self-lubricating bearing that contains high strength thermoset resin system with TeflonTM** fibers that make it perfect for high load, low friction applications.

  • Latest in composite technology with 15X the life of alternative materials
  • NSF 61 Certified
  • TeflonTM fibers act as a self-lubricant
  • Exceptional compressive strength, 30x more than HDPE, so great for high grit applications
  • Hydrodynamic properties attract a water film between the bearing and shaft, carrying heat away from the area
  • Not thermo-plastic, so will not soften

JMS Mega-BEARING (High Performance Bearing System) Exclusive Poly-Texx HPVT Liner