JMS Delta-PUMP (Airlift Pump System)

JMS Delta-PUMP (Airlift Pump) Advantages

Process Advantages:

  • Simple principle with high reliability
  • Effective removal of grit or sludge

Maintenance Advantages:

  • Low maintenance requirements
  • Slurry is not in contact with mechanical elements, good for abrasive materials

Experience Advantages:

  • JMS experienced design assistance
  • Capability to shop test a full scale prototype
  • JMS can offer an Aerated Grit System


The JMS Delta-PUMP (Airlift Pump System) uses a simple, well established concept to remove grit or sludge from the basin floor. Air, provided by a blower, is introduced well below the water level. The buoyant air, under head pressure from above, acts as the motive force lifting the air/water and entrained solids up and out of the discharge pipe.

The Delta-PUMP system includes an eductor pipe with air diffuser ring, air feed piping, and adjustable intake. JMS can also include a blower pack and sludge measuring box options.

JMS also supplies the Delta-PUMP packaged as an Aerated Grit System. This system includes an airlift pump for lifting a grit mixture from the basin floor up to a JMS Delta-CLASSIFIER (Grit Classifier) for dewatering prior to disposal to a dumpster. This equipment package, complete with a blower and control panel, can play a key role in protecting downstream processes at the wastewater treatment plant.

JMS Delta-PUMP (Airlift Pump System) ISO

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