JMS Delta-DECANTER (Decanting System)

JMS Delta-DECANTER (Decanting System) Advantages

Process Advantages:

  • Deflection angle of 30 degrees from horizontal covers a range of tank levels
  • Custom designed styles and sizes (4” to 12”) to meet project specific needs

Maintenance Advantages:

  • Simple operation and maintenance
  • Long life with corrosion resistant materials

Experience Advantages:

  • Field proven experience
  • Design and engineering assistance, with extensive drawing library

JMS Delta-DECANTER (Decanting System) is commonly used in basins for supernatant removal in both water and wastewater plants. Typically, supernatant is removed from the top portion of the basin at a desired flow rate as part of the thickening process. Flow is engaged by opening a valve, creating hydraulic flow. This simple system makes operation and maintenance easy for personnel.

JMS offers three styles of the Delta-DECANTER:

  • Swivel arm with cable and winch assembly (no float), manual adjustment
  • Swivel arm (with float) that moves up and down with water elevation
  • Floating decanter that rides changes in water level, vertically guided by mooring posts, with a flexible hose from the decanter to the wall fitting

JMS swivel arm designs include the proprietary JMS Flex Swivel Assembly with stainless steel flanges and EPDM flexible hose that meets NSF61 requirements. As an alternate, a ball bearing type swivel joint with 360 degree rotation can be used. Floats can be constructed of hydro-tested stainless steel, foam filled FRP or PVC.

Delta-DECANTER (Decanting System) ISO

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