Mega-BEARING High Performance Bearing System

Bearings “make the world go around” and are associated with such desirable process descriptions as faster, trouble-free, long-life, and more productivity. The importance of bearings in any piece of equipment can be measured by extended equipment life and low maintenance requirements among other variables. Water treating applications represent a challenging environment for bearings in that they are full-time operations, high load, and can contain high amounts of abrasive grit.

JMS has been supplying paddle wheel flocculators since 1962, and over the years has seen the evolution in materials of construction for bearing housings and liners. JMS has taken a leadership role in pioneering manufacturing methods, design, and materials of construction to enhance the performance and life of the bearings used in their Mega-FLOCS (Paddle Wheel Flocculators).

After much research, JMS is introducing the new Mega-BEARING (High Performance Bearing System). This multiple component system combines all the best of technology and materials of construction maximizing bearing and resulting equipment life.

JMS Mega-BEARING (High Performance Bearing System) components, each contributing to extended life, are as follows:

  • JMS Cast Stainless Steel Housing
  • Exclusive Poly-Texx® HPVT Liner
  • 17-4PH Solid Shafting
  • Mega-COUPLING (Dual Disc Coupling)
  • Proprietary Manufacturing Enhancements

JMS Manufacturing Enhancements

JMS pulls it all together with manufacturing enhancements to further extend equipment life.

  • Solid and pipe shafting, all stages are the same diameter
  • Flange faces are lathed to precise tolerances
  • Added passivation process to further lower the corrosion rate


JMS Mega-BEARING (High Performance Bearing System) Components

JMS Mega-BEARING (High Performance Bearing System) Cast Stainless Steel Housing

Cast Stainless Steel Housing

JMS owns the mold and produces high quality bearing housings that are carefully milled to high specifications for level, and the exact mating of parts in an ISO compliant facility.

  • Superior strength
  • Time tested design
  • No weld induced stresses
  • Excellent corrosion resistance
  • Pairs milled for perfect fit and alignment
  • Extended performance and esthetics

JMS Mega-BEARING (High Performance Bearing System) Exclusive Poly-Texx HPVT Liner

Exclusive Poly-Texx®  HPVT Liner

Poly-Texx NSF 61 certified HPVT liner is an innovative self-lubricating bearing that contains high strength thermoset resin system with TeflonTM** fibers that make it perfect for high load, low friction applications.

  • Latest in composite technology with 15X the life of alternative materials
  • NSF 61 Certified
  • TeflonTM fibers act as a self-lubricant
  • Exceptional compressive strength, 30x more than HDPE, so great for high grit applications
  • Hydrodynamic properties attract a water film between the bearing and shaft, carrying heat away from the area
  • Not thermo-plastic, so will not soften

JMS Mega-BEARING (High Performance Bearing System) 17-4PH Solid Shafting

17-4PH Solid Shafting

A precipitated hardened stainless steel alloy with a toughness and strength well suited to the water treating industry.

  • Higher strength versus 316L or 304L stainless steel
  • Equal corrosion resistance to 304SS
  • Resists abrasion from grit
  • Resists breakage
MaterialBrinell HardnessTensile StressYield Stress
17-4PH320150,000 psi110,000 psi
316L15075,000 psi30,000 psi
304L15080,000 psi30,000 psi

JMS Mega-BEARING (High Performance Bearing System) Mega-COUPLING (Dual Disc Coupling)

Mega-COUPLING (Dual Disc Coupling)

Specially designed coupling with two hubs, a spacer and two disc pack kits that allow self-alignment of the coupling during torque transmission.

  • Accommodates angular, axial and parallel misalignment
  • No maintenance or lubrication required
  • Unlimited life when sized and aligned properly
  • No wearing parts and stainless steel construction
  • Disc packs are easily accessed and replaced if needed
  • Can be supplied with a longer spool for greater parallel misalignment

JMS Mega-BEARING (High Performance Bearing System) Success Story

JMS Mega-BEARING (High Performance Bearing System) Success Story

The upper San Leandro and Sobrante water treatment plants are two of six water treatment plants that process over 375 mgd of water to satisfy needs in the East San Francisco Bay Area.  Surface water from the Sierra Nevada snowmelt passes through a series of reservoirs, aqueducts and through these treatment facilities on its 85 mile trip to the consumer.

JMS was pleased to supply Mega-FLOC (Horizontal Paddle Wheel Flocculators) with 316 Cast Stainless Steel housings, and  17-4PH Solid Shaft  Mega-BEARINGS to both plants in 2014. After two years of operation, the plants were happy with the equipment, but took issue with the life of the aluminum-bronze liners they had purchased with the original equipment. They were concerned that wearing liners would affect shaft alignment, and result in equipment damage.


At the time, JMS had been working with a local supplier on a new composite material, Poly-Texx HPVT liner which showed a lot of promise as a bearing liner material for this application. JMS accelerated the program and supplied East Bay Municipal District with HPVT liners for both plants. Concurrently, EBMUD acquired provisional NSF approval for the material. JMS later acquired NSF 61 approval.

After nine months of operation, results are very positive at both plants. Measurements were taken with both the aluminum-bronze and HPVT liners over time. Results show that aluminum-bronze liners wear at a rate of 0.20 inches per month, while the new HPVT liners wore at only 0.0013 inches per month. This plant will continue to monitor the performance of the new liners, however, based on initial measurements they expect to experience 15X the bearing liner life with the new material. JMS has now expanded the Mega-BEARING with HPVT liner to other installations.

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*Poly-Texx® is a registered trademark of Poly-Tech Industrial, Inc.

**Teflon is a registered trademark of Chemours