Mega-SYSTEM (Packaged Plate Settler System)

JMS Mega-SYSTEM (Packaged Plate Settler System) Advantages

Process Advantages

  • Can be equipped with flocculation area, plate settlers, sludge removal, and system controls
  • Special designs to meet the need of the application
  • Perfect option for small plants, or can be used in pilot situations
  • Single unit, ready for operation, available for flows of 50-700+ GPM

Maintenance Advantages

  • Use of stainless steel for corrosion resistance
  • Package unit lowers installation cost and effort

Experience Advantages

  • JMS is a leading supplier of water and wastewater treatment equipment with thousands of successful applications
  • Utilizes proven design enhancements critical to system longevity
  • System designs are based on numerous installations and field testing

The JMS Mega-SYSTEM (Packaged Plate Settler System) was developed by JMS engineers to meet the needs of smaller water treatment or industrial applications. Using the same proven concepts as our Mega-SETTLER (Plate Settler System), Mega-SYSTEM units are custom designed for the  requirements of each application. Mega-SYSTEM packages can include flocculation, plate settler sedimentation, and sludge removal.

Using technology that JMS is known for, such as upgrading to stainless steel on key components, special preparation of spool and pipe shafts, and heavy duty bearings, the JMS Mega-SYSTEM will provide the same performance and low maintenance requirements that JMS is known for. JMS also has a pilot  packaged unit that can be used for demonstration or testing purposes.

JMS Mega-SYSTEM (Packaged Plate Settler System)

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