JMS Testimonials

JMS defines success as seen through the eyes of our customers

“JMS bids the work per the plans and specification and has always done a great job working out the issues thru the submittal process. The JMS employees that have been on site for startup work closely with our field staff and they comply with any safety requirements needed. We have installed a large variety of the equipment that is produced by JMS and in every case the equipment has performed as required and satisfied the end user. ”

Scott Smiley | Business Group Leader | Archer Western | regarding various successful projects he has worked on with JMS

“I don’t get to brag about how awesome vendor’s are very often, but you guys did great with the support on this sludge handling issue. Dave, you have a great team that stands behinds their products and supports the consultants and end users. Please pass along my thanks to everyone that helped on this project…”

James Naylor, P.E. | Practice Leader, Water Treatment Design | Alan Plummer Associates, Inc. |Comments Regarding JMS Bio-SCREW After the Sale Service, Hargesheimer Water Treatment Plant, Abilene, TX

“Thanks to you and JMS for your prompt attention to this matter.  It is nice to see a manufacturer committed to service and continuous quality improvement.”

Jack Rae, P. E. | Senior Project Manager | Gannett Fleming, Inc. | Comments regarding JMS after the sale service, Bradford, PA Water Treatment Plant

“The results have been great.  Our effluent typically enters the JMS Eco-AIR LPCA with a DO concentration of < 1.0 mg/l, and exits with a DO concentration of >8.0 mg/l.  We would absolutely recommend the Eco-AIR to other wastewater treatment plants.”

Kyle Smith | Wastewater Plant Manager | Camden WWTP | Camden, SC | Comments regarding the JMS Eco-AIR Low Profile Cascade Aerator.

“I greatly appreciate the timely response from JMS. I have had to request your help in the past for part cost and you guys have always been excellent. Thanks again.”

Charles Chandler | DC Water | Washington, DC | Note to JMS Aftermarkets Department for quick action on parts supply.

“Special honors to you and Vic for helping us successfully execute the Shutdown #2 plan, doing the training, and making the Ash Loading facility operational within the required time frame!  Thank you for your effort and patience.”

Glenn Barin | Construction Manager | HDR | Hopewell, VA | Note to JMS Customer Service team for efficient start-up of JMS Bio-SCREW (Screw Conveyor System)

“We love working with you guys.  Your support, quality, expertise is great. It is exactly who we love to sell for. Thank you for working with us.”

Bobby Clemmer | Bar Environmental | second comment on Madisonville, TN project

“Wow! You delivered the shop drawings earlier than expected to meet our aggressive schedule! Outstanding! Great job!”

Alan Flood, P.E. | WPC Industrial Contractors, LLC | Hallsdale Powell Utility District | Jacksonville, FL | Comments to Justin ( JMS Project Manager), regarding JMS Eco-AIR submittals

“Basins 1-3 are traditional sed basins & Basin 4 is a high rate sed basin with older plate settlers. The performance out of the basins with the JMS plate settlers is much better than those four basins. In fact the average effluent turbidity off of the JMS plate settlers which are installed in sed Basins 5 & 6 is less than 0.20 NTU which is extremely good. We’ve been very pleased both with the performance of the JMS plate settlers and with the service provided throughout the project. We would strongly recommend JMS to any municipality looking for a top notch product with great service.”

Patrick Francis | Plant Manager | Oak Creek Water and Utility

“I wanted to reach out personally and say thank JMS for expediting the changes to shafts and parts for the recently installed Melton Hill Water Plant Flocculator in Knoxville, TN. With the cold weather and having a basin down for extended period it really made a difference for us and we are very pleased with Myers Equipment and the flocculator thus far. And of course with BAR and all the legwork and prompt response they gave to expedite things.”

Nick Jackson, P.E. | Manager | Treatment Plants and Facilities | Hallsdale Powell Utility District | Knoxville, TN

“We have used JMS walking beam flocculators on two water treatment projects, and JMS plate settlers on one water treatment project, and in both instances the equipment has worked well and the JMS support has been very good.”

Stewart W. Noland, P.E. | President | CRIST ENGINEERS, INC.

“The engineer and I have developed a great working relationship over the last couple of years and have completed and have on-going projects as well. He has used the competitor in the past, but commented to me last night that JMS has gone way up on this scale and really bragged on the job Josh had been doing and his expertise on this job.”

Bobby Clemmer | BAR Environmental, Inc.

“Everything is good here in Mafraq, specially the Lamella plates and scrapers they are perfect. We are trying to hand over the plant by the end of 2014. Our electrical engineer is sending his greetings for you too. You are the best service manager I have ever known.”

Mohamed Algahzawi | Site Engineer | Veolia Water Solutions| Amman, Jordan Note to JMS Field Service Manager regarding the JMS Mega-SCRAPER installation at Mafraq Wastewater Treatment Plant | Mafraq, Jordan

“JMS delivered shops on time and shipped equipment 2 weeks earlier than required. Drawings were excellent and fabrication was excellent. The owner is very pleased with performance of plate settlers. We had a few problems but they were small and easy to correct and fewer than I expected. This was a fast paced project with demands from the owner to have both basins converted in 2 weeks. The quality of the equipment was a key element in our success on this project.”

Doug Herrick | Herrick Company, Inc. | Lawrenceburg, KY | JMS Delivery of Mega-SETTLER Plate Settler equipment to Middlesboro Water Treatment Plant | Middlesboro, KY

“For myself, I want to thank you for responding to the Owner’s concerns and implementing a solution that is performing properly at this time. When I was working in NC and now in Indiana, my experience with JMS has been very positive. I appreciate your dedication to producing first class equipment and standing behind your work to resolve problems to the Owner’s and Engineer’s satisfaction. I look forward to working together again with you on future projects.”

Robert K. Willet, P.E. | Senior Engineering Manager, Water | Indianapolis, IN JMS modifications to Mega-SETTLER Plate Settler equipment

“Myers and Sons has been a great vendor to work with. If at any time we questioned our installation, we could call our Myers PM and have answers at the most within hours of the call for help. We had a couple of Myers reps. on site during startup, they were great help and worked our schedule as needed. The Bins and Augers here have performed as specified and have proved to be very reliable.”

Duane Tomsic | Mechanical Superintendent | PC Construction | Washington, DC | JMS Installation of Bio-HOPPER Live Bottom Bins

“JMS customer service is outstanding. If there are any issues they are quick to correct and supply aid. After many years, the belts are running true, and we have experienced low maintenance requirements, and outstanding reliability.”

Eddy Walker | Wastewater Treatment Plant Supervisor| Xenia Wastewater| Xenia, OH| JMS Installation of Bio-Belt Conveyor Systems for dewatered biosolids transport

“Jim Myers & Sons was hired as the system supplier for this 20+ million dollar project. I was involved as MWRA’s Resident Inspector.The project is about 80% complete at this time. All materials and equipment supplied by JMS is top quality, meets all spec’s, and is totally compatible with the environment and process conditions. Equipment manufactured by JMS looks robust and nicely machined/welded. Much of the newly installed equipment is already in service with the remainder to follow in just a couple of months. MWRA expects long life and trouble free operation from this investment and so far, we have no reason to think otherwise. I’ll recommend JMS in future work.”

Carl Lindquist | Project Manager | Massachusetts Water Resources Authority | Winthrop, MA

“It was great working with the team at Jim Myers & Sons on the Gastonia, NC project. Their pilot unit consistently delivered high quality water to the downstream membrane units.”

Keith Garbrick | Vice President | LaBella Associates, P.C. | Charlotte, NC JMS Mega-SYSTEM yearlong pilot demonstration of Mega-SETTLER and Mega-VAC equipment | Two Rivers Utilities Water Treatment Plant | Gastonia, NC