Mega-TROUGH (Trough System)

JMS Mega-TROUGH (Trough System) Advantages

Process Advantages

  • Effective water management
  • Adjustable weirs for leveling available
  • Custom designs to suit your application

Maintenance Advantages

  • Manufactured with 316 or 304 stainless steel or aluminum for corrosion resistance
  • Steel provides much greater strength and durability versus fiberglass
  • Steel will not experience UV degradation

Experience Advantages

  • JMS is a leading supplier of water and wastewater treatment equipment with thousands of successful applications
  • Utilizes proven design enhancements critical to system longevity
  • System designs are based on numerous installations and field testing

JMS Mega-TROUGH (Trough Systems) are custom made in-house for use in both water and wastewater treatment applications. In circular form for use as effluent troughs in clarifiers, and straight orientation for sedimentation basin uses they provide maximum longevity for water management and control. Available in stainless steel or aluminum they can be supplied with either a multi-tangent round bottom, or flat bottom to suit the particular process.

JMS takes special care to design each Mega-TROUGH (Trough System) to support vertical and lateral loads, and provide the stability needed to meet stringent deflection limits. The addition of cross stiffeners prevents buckling and vibration, and provides maximum resistance to loading on the sidewalls of the trough.

Are you choosing between stainless steel and fiberglass troughs? Learn more about choosing the right material for your troughs.

Trough system

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