Derrick Cox

Director of Manufacturing

Derrick’s life revolves around his family of five and his faith. He enjoys playing boardgames, video games, puzzles, or anything to be with the family. He also enjoys shooting, hunting, and fishing. He worked full-time during his college years to pay for tuition as he went. He joined the military to pay his way through his bachelor’s degree (University of Maryland) and served four years in the United States Air Force as a nuclear weapon technician. He then used his GI Bill to earn his Master’s in Business Administration from Wingate University. Derrick has held roles in different areas of manufacturing to include operator, trainer, research, field service, supervisor, planner, master scheduler, S.I.O.P. lead, lean facilitator, and various roles and levels of leadership. He is currently responsible for safety, on time and budget delivery, and efficiency within the JMS manufacturing group and enjoys sharing other responsibilities and initiatives with members of the leadership team.