Sedimentation basins prepare water for final filtration during the water treatment process. Excessive buildup of sludge can negatively affect turbidity, tank volume and downstream membranes and filters. Based on sound principles yet flexible by design, the Mega-SCRAPER (Reciprocating Sludge Removal) has applications for water, wastewater and industrial sedimentation systems. The system is made in the USA and based on proven design concepts developed over the past 60+ years.

The JMS Mega-SCRAPER’s hydro-dynamically designed blades and reciprocating motion produce a thickening effect of the sludge blanket while creating a zone of influence that moves solids toward the sludge collection pit. On the forward stroke, this blade design transports sludge forward, and on the reverse stroke slides under the blanket without disturbance of the sedimentation process. The speed of the reverse stroke is two to three times the forward stroke speed, a reciprocating motion that produces a thickening effect of the sludge blanket. Collected solids can be removed from the reciprocating floor with the JMS Submerged Screw.

The Mega-SCRAPER (Reciprocating Sludge Removal) allows for maximum torque development without excessive wear, in intermittent or continuous operation. A specialized energy transfer triangle attached to the vertical connection shaft and motion transfer rod transfers energy to the scraper assembly. Sludge removal is generally set on an intermittent basis, but frequency and speed can be easily adjusted for changes in sludge characteristics. Even when set to continuous operation, the sedimentation process continues uninterrupted.

Sedimentation basins and drinking water plant residuals lagoon
Primary clarification, secondary clarification, grit removal and reactors

Brackish water treatment and settling basins

Key features

  • Available with electric or hydraulic drives
  • Can be installed on either end of a sedimentation basin
  • Long-lasting, low-maintenance glide strips
  • Little to no modification required on existing tanks prior to installation
  • Complete basin coverage
  • Built like a bulldozer; resilient and tough
  • Composed of stainless steel and UHMWPE materials for maximum lifespan
  • Certified to ANSI/NSF-61 standards

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Success Story

JMS was proud to supply made in the USA equipment for a USAID project in Mafraq Jordan. Mafraq is located in northern Jordan and is served by the Mafraq WWTP. Bidders were based on their resources and technical experience with projects of similar scope. With over 50 years of experience in outfitting treatment plants, JMS was well equipped to make sound equipment recommendations.

JMS was awarded this project, which included supplying our Mega-SCRAPER (Reciprocating Sludge Removal) and Mega-SETTLER (Plate Settler System). Special care was taken in pre-shipment testing, and packaging for the long trip to Jordan. Receiving and construction arrangements were made by the Jordan branch of N.A. Water Systems, a Veolia Company.

According to the Project Manager from N.A. Water Systems, Ian Parkinson, the Mega-SCRAPER unit arrived onsite in great shape and assembled well. He had significant praise for both the JMS workmanship and service manager who visited the site to work with the installing contractor and plan operators on start-up, testing, and training.