Wastewater treatment plants generate nearly seven million tons of biosolids per year. Conventional treatment methods can be costly, and hauling and landfill fees account for as much as 40% to 60% of a plant’s total operating expenses.

Plants with incinerators, thermal hydrolysis processes, biosolids dryers, biochar, lime stabilization, and other class A sludge processes can safely accept and treat biosolids. As a potential revenue source, the JMS Bio-BIN (Open-Top Storage) can be positioned as an alternative to costly hauling and landfill fees. Indeed, many plants using JMS Bio-BINs see a quick return on investment (ROI).

JMS Truck Receival Bio-BINs accept foreign dewatered biosolids for downstream processing, and Bio-BINs can be discharged downstream to conveyors or pumps for a seamless biosolid solution. JMS also offers downstream buffer storage solutions to stage biosolids delivery to process.

JMS Bio-BINs are designed to suit any plant’s needs and are built to handle a range of dry solids and volumetric flow rates. Typically square or rectangular with an open top for loading purposes, our Bio-BIN employs live-bottom screw or sliding-frame technology and can also be designed for smaller volume frontend loader applications. JMS also offers retractable covers for weather protection and odor control.

Key features

  • Custom volume designed to meet client’s precise needs
  • Precise flow rates to downstream processing
  • Low rpm shafted or shaftless live bottom screws
  • Hydraulic bottom sliding frame option
  • Robust, reliable, and low maintenance
  • No product bridging and low plugging risk
  • Heavy-duty stainless construction
  • Structural frames, platforms, stairs, and supports as desired
  • Weather and odor-tight construction

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