Troughs are used in wastewater and water treatment systems to transport material to different plant locations. For optimal water management in both water and wastewater treatment applications, the Mega-TROUGH (Collection Trough) is used with sedimentation basins, clarifiers, gravity filters, and aeration tanks.

The system uses proven design enhancements critical to system longevity. In circular form for use as effluent troughs in clarifiers, and straight orientation for sedimentation basin uses, the Mega-TROUGH delivers customized solutions for effective water treatment, management and control.

JMS designs each Mega-TROUGH to support vertical and lateral loads and provide the stability needed to meet stringent deflection limits. The addition of cross stiffeners prevents buckling and vibration with maximum resistance to loading on the sidewalls of the trough. Certified to ANSI/NSF-61 standards, the Mega-TROUGH is available in stainless steel or aluminum with either a multi-tangent round bottom or a flat bottom to suit the particular process.

Key features

  • Delivers customized solutions for effective water treatment, management, and control
  • Supports vertical and lateral loads to meet stringent deflection limits
  • Adjustable weirs for maximum control of the upstream water level
  • Maintenance-free design
  • T-316 or T-304 stainless steel construction for greater strength and durability
  • Certified to ANSI/NSF-61 standards

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