Additional Products


A key element of our industry-leading complementary storage system product line, the JMS Bio-DIVERTER is custom-made for wastewater treatment sludge, grit, and screenings applications. Designed by our expert team for stringent blade deflection limits and maximum longevity, the JMS Bio-DIVERTER can be used upstream to feed conveyors or downstream for product transfer or distribution to storage yards, vessels, or truck trailers.

Key Features

  • High-quality shop or field-welded and site-bolted storage tank construction
  • Dual and multiple drop point designs
  • High-quality coating systems
  • Leading field construction synchronized jacking process
  • Minimal moving parts and automated operation reduces labor


Designed by experienced engineers to support all JMS projects and applications, the JMS Bio-CONTROLS line offers high-quality control panels for all JMS products. From simple relay controls to complex programmable logic controllers (PLC), JMS delivers functional panels with NEMA-rated enclosures and logical human interfaces for exacting specifications in any environment.

Key Features

  • Cost-effective solution to application-specific control narratives
  • Adaptable to a variety of needs and budgets
  • Rigorous standards ensure all controls meet quality expectations
  • Built from high-quality components from trusted vendors, including Hoffman, Allen-Bradley, Siemens, ABB, and Schneider


The JMS Bio-FRAME systems employ a sliding frame at the bottom of a storage bin or silo, undercutting material above while pushing/pulling material throughout the unit to a discharge point. Commonly used for loading trucks or feeding sludges to solids pumps or conveyors, the Bio-FRAME can vary in size (10 m3 to 1,000 m3) and shape (rectangular ladder frame or round elliptical frame).

Key Features

  • Suitable for wide or long receiving bunkers
  • Designed to run 24/7
  • Space-saving design integrates sliding frame piston rod into silo base tunnel
  • Speed controlled for fast out loading rates
  • Reliable, quiet, and simple operation


The JMS Bio-GATE is designed for wastewater treatment sludge, grit, and screening applications. For shafted or shaftless screw conveyor applications, the Bio-GATE transfers the product to different conveyors or distributes the product to storage yards, vessels, or truck trailers. The Bio-GATE can also be used under Bio-HOPPER and Bio-SILO live bottom screws for truck load-out.

Key Features

  • Uniform product distribution optimizes out-loading container capacity
  • Sized and designed for maximum longevity with 316 or 304 stainless steel
  • Supports overhead loads and offers stability to meet stringent blade deflection limits
  • Actuator options include electrical, pneumatic, hydraulic, and manual handwheel


High in moisture and contaminants, biosolids can be a heavy, sometimes wet, sticky, or odorous material that is challenging to move and store. The JMS Bio-LIVEBOTTOM is designed to store and discharge strongly cohesive solids with a tendency to stick together, causing bridging, rat-holing, and poor flowability.

Key Features

  • Designs based on unique biosolids profiles, including moisture content, cohesiveness, shear strength, and compressibility
  • Designed with flooded shafted or shaftless feeding screws
  • Keeps material moving for easy loading onto a truck, pump, screw conveyor, or bins


When space is at a premium and an application requires us to maximize the usage of available volume of a storage vessel, JMS can employ a number of different options to help better distribute material within the vessel. The JMS Bio-LEVEL (Leveling Screw) is an effective tool that uses proven screw conveyor technology to assist in leveling and dispersing material along the length of the vessel, therefore increasing the overall efficiency of the storage unit.

Key Features

  • Maximizes the use of available volume lowering the overall height of the storage vessel
  • CEMA dimensional standards and components to ensure easy replacement
  • Efficient and time-tested design
  • Available in a variety of materials including carbon steel, hot-dipped galv., 304SS, and 316SS


When accuracy is a must, JMS Bio-SENSOR (Level Sensor) is the best means of detecting material fill levels in your storage vessel. JMS employs a variety of technologies carefully selected for each individual application.

Key Features

  • Rugged stainless steel design is available for wastewater applications
  • Available in a variety of technologies including radar, ultrasonic, and laser
  • Designed to communicate and work in unison with complex controls systems
  • Capable of detecting virtually any solids materials


Need to know how much material is in your Bio-HOPPER? The JMS Bio-SCALE can help. Available in a direct vessel-to-foundation structural member, the JMS Bio-SCALE is designed for extreme service duty and service life.

Key Features

  • Accurate weight measurement
  • Designed to work with the Bio-SILOs, Bio-HOPPERs, or Bio-BINS
  • Rated load capacity from 220 pounds up to one million pounds per support point
  • Manufactured to meet IBC (International Building Code) requirements
  • Immune to material characteristics like angle of repose, rat-holing, bridging, moisture content, compaction, vapors and dust


JMS is no stranger to structural steel manufacturing. In 1962, Jim Myers Jr. started the company as a miscellaneous metals supplier. Today we are a premier equipment supplier, but we did not forget our roots. JMS can design and fabricate miscellaneous structural steel, walkway, platform, stairs, handrails, ladders, and other structural metal requirements to support JMS products and systems. These custom designed assemblies can be made from several different materials including carbon steel coated, stainless steel and aluminum.

Key Features

  • Designed with the complete material handling and storage system
  • Available in a variety of materials of construction
  • PE stamped in all states


The JMS Bio-VSR (Vertical Shaft Rotary Leveler) is a space saving and effective tool to help disperse material in a Bio-SILO or Bio-HOPPER. Designed for use in enclosed storage vessels, the JMS Bio-VSR distributes material in a fan pattern within the vessel to allow for more storage in less space.

Key Features

  • Maximizes storage efficiency in all types of storage vessel
  • Unique space saving design helps spread material over a wide span
  • Low speed revolutions ensure long lifespan


A key element of our Dry Biosolids Storage System Bio-SILOs, the JMS Bio-ACTIVATOR eliminates bridging and ratholing, reduces particle segregation, and promotes mass flow through a rotary airlock to a truck out loading system. Designed for robust, compact performance in sizes from 6’ to 12’ diameter, the JMS Bio-ACTIVATOR is custom-built from carbon steel or 304 and 316L stainless steel.

Key Features

  • Low power requirements ensure cost and energy savings
  • Extra-durable suspensions and flange seal
  • Compound slope body ensures seamless system integration


The JMS Bio-BUCKET includes a series of buckets attached to a belt or chain with pulleys or sprockets. Each bucket supports seamless bulk material handling as the buckets move past an inlet point. Bio-BUCKETS can be located at the top and bottom of a unit and are typically housed in a secure casing to contain the material.

Key Features

  • Custom designed in a variety of materials to suit unique applications
  • Supports a variety of solid materials and capacities
  • Dust and weather-tight construction ensure odor protection


Drag chain conveyors (en masse or paddle conveyors) offer an efficient conveyance system that uses less power than other conveyance systems without compromising performance. JMS Bio-DRAG chain conveyors use paddles or flights attached to an endless chain to carry dry materials using a head and tail sprocket. All JMS Bio-DRAG conveyors are designed with durable components adaptable to various solids handling needs.

Key Features

  • Custom designed with multiple chains and flight options to support various materials
  • Throughput capacities as high as 30000 cubic feet per hour
  • Carries material in multiple planes, eliminating the need for multiple conveyors
  • Minimal product degradation compared to screw conveyors


Dust Collection Systems

A JMS Bio-DUST System collects dust from equipment or storage vessels. These are typically utilized in dried biosolids applications to remove dust from a confined space thereby reducing the combustible product below the concentration level of an explosive mix.

Key Features

  • Standard design available for Bio-SILO applications
  • Custom designs are available specifically for unique applications
  • Ability to meet a wide range of SCFM volume requirements
  • Isolation valves to prevent blowback
  • Baghouse with explosion rupture panels
  • Electrical components meet Class II Div. 2, Group G requirements


Nitrogen Supply Systems

A Bio-NITRO system delivers nitrogen gas to equipment or storage vessels to displace oxygen for mitigating deflagrations of exothermic dried biosolids. Nitrogen gas may be created by a nitrogen generator but is more commonly supplied by vaporizing liquid nitrogen because of higher available SCFM rates. The JMS bio-NITRO system utilizes valves, regulators, piping, and nozzles for the proper gas delivery rates.

Key Features

  • Standard design available for Bio-SILO applications
  • Custom designs are available specifically for unique applications
  • Ability to meet a wide range of SCFM volume requirements
  • Optional temperature, carbon monoxide, oxygen and control panels are available
  • Limited installation of equipment is available