The JMS Mega-SYSTEM (Packaged Plate Settler System) was developed by JMS engineers to meet the needs of smaller water treatment or industrial applications. Using the same proven concepts as our Mega-SETTLER (Plate Settler System), Mega-SYSTEM units are available for rent. They are custom designed for the requirements of each application and can include rapid mix, flocculation, plate settler sedimentation, and sludge removal.

Pilot Study

A pilot unit is designed to replicate an entire flocculation and sedimentation basin. This unit is a portable complete system that can be delivered to a plant site. A pilot unit is used for multiple applications in testing such as potential pieces of equipment, process, downstream equipment testing, and more.

Types of Equipment Included in a Pilot Test Unit

  • Plate Settler
  • Rapid Mix
  • Flocculator
  • Hoseless Sludge Removal
  • Baffle Wall

Key Variables for Pilot Testing

  • Plate settler loading rate
  • Chemical addition
  • Velocity gradient
  • Filters that follow
  • Membranes that follow

Plate settler loading rate is tested to find the optimal loading rate for the specific plant. This will help with deciding the number of plates needed to go into the full-scale basin. Engineers that use a pilot unit are always looking at chemical addition. An engineer will be testing different chemicals, amounts, and timing to find the best performance with the velocity gradient to see how it affects the overall performance of the plant. Typically pilot testing is not only for sedimentation or flocculation but also downstream equipment like filters or membranes.

Key features

  • Perfect option for small plants, or can be used in pilot situations
  • Single unit, ready for operation, available for flows of 50-700+ GPM
  • Stainless steel construction resists corrosion
  • Package unit lowers installation cost and effort
  • Certified to ANSI/NSF-61 standards

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Test your application!

Pilot unit rental is available from JMS. A fully integrated Floc/Sed package arrives on a flat bed truck ready to be piped into the pilot process. The unit has a 40-110 gpm capacity and comes with 275 square feet of projected plate settler area. The empty unit weight is 15,000 lbs and 75,000 lbs when full. The unit dimensions are approximately 20’ L x 8’ W x 9’ H.