The Mega-FLOC (Vertical Paddle Wheel Flocculator) follows the “Ten States Standards” and is optimized to produce the highest quality floc particles. Using the proven performance of a paddle wheel design, the system processes billions of gallons of water every day.

JMS has developed a flocculator design program that optimizes the system layout for unparalleled performance. We calculate all critical design parameters simultaneously to provide instant feedback. Over the past decade, JMS has provided thousands of flocculator designs/layouts optimized for engineers and municipalities.

Engineered in a range of sizes to meet process demands, every Mega-FLOC (Vertical Paddle Wheel Flocculator) drive assembly (gear motor, drive stand weldment, chain coupling, thrust collar, radial thrust bearing and drive shaft assembly) is designed and built to uncompromising standards. The result is powerful, reliable, and uninterrupted performance. To protect the gear reducer and ensure the longest possible component life, a radial thrust bearing is designed to absorb vertical and radial loads, an exclusive feature that reduces the stress of the vertical load on the drive motor. The commonsense design and accessibility make operational and maintenance procedures a breeze.

Key features

  • Better, higher quality floc particle than impeller flocculators
  • Maintenance components are easily accessible
  • More redundancy than horizontal flocculators
  • Greater control of velocity gradient
  • Ships fully assembled and ready for installation
  • Most advanced flocculator design program available
  • Certified to ANSI/NSF-61 standards

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Success Story

Located about 50 miles east of Charlotte, N.C., the City of Albemarle’s Public Utilities Department operates a wastewater treatment plant and two water treatment facilities. One of the latter, the 12 million gallons per day Highway 52 Water Treatment Plant was experiencing wear and maintenance issues from its outdated Vertical Paddle Wheel Flocculator and treatment system. JMS was contacted and asked to offer its expertise in replacing those units and getting the process back on track.

Working with key utility and engineering personnel, JMS was able to replace a few Vertical Paddle Wheel Flocculators per year, improving the overall process while, at the same time, keeping the utility within their annual maintenance budget. Today, the entire system has been converted to Vertical Paddle Wheel Flocculators from Jim Myers & Sons, and the plant is reporting better performance, lower maintenance demands, and a much higher degree of reliability. Their level of satisfaction was so solid that plans are in the works to replace their old sludge removal system with a JMS Mega-VAC Hoseless Sludge Removal System in the near future.