As wastewater regulations evolve, treatment plants must invest in new technologies. JMS engineers recommend a robust storage tank system to interface with upstream and downstream processes.

Just as treatment plants must direct clean water to consumers, biosolids must be appropriately processed and handled to minimize environmental and human health risks. The JMS Bio-SILO (Cylindrical Storage), an integral part of our dry biosolids storage and lime stabilization solutions, represents a viable and cost-effective solution for the storage and discharging of biosolids.

JMS offers three types of stainless steel storage tanks: bolted RTP (rolled, tapered panel) storage tanks, field-welded storage tanks, and shop-welded storage tanks. Additionally, since Bio-SILOs are generally located in corrosive industrial environments, our corrosion protection protocols ensure a long life expectancy. Silos can be painted in the shop to extreme corrosion protection levels or primed for on-site painting. A range of paint specifications suits different regions and environments.

When your project demands innovative technology for wet or dry product storage, connect with JMS, the only company offering complete system solutions, including the JMS Bio-SILO.

Key features

  • 60°+ conical slope, high volume silos
  • Custom-designed chisel cone silo designs for dewatered biosolids
  • Exterior powder coating available on RTP panel silos
  • Storage system performance package includes auxiliary equipment, fill and discharge equipment, foundation design and supply, weigh scales, and automated controls
  • Both union and non-union field installation services available on site-bolted silos

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