The JMS Way EPIC Values

The JMS Way is the set of values and behaviors that all JMS team members live and practice, inspiring us all to be the best we can be. Ethics, Passion, Innovation and Community (EPIC) create the foundational values of The JMS Way. Our values are represented by 26 fundamental behaviors. The JMS EPIC values bond together our behaviors and strengthen the core foundation of JMS. They are what we hire, fire, and manage performance around. They are what inspire us to get out of bed in the morning.

Values and Behaviors


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Do the right thing, always.

Demonstrate an unwavering commitment to doing the right thing in every action you take and in every decision you make, especially when no one’s looking. Be impeccable with your word. If you make a mistake, own up to it, apologize, and make it right.

Lead by example.

The best way to influence others is through your own example. Don’t wait for others to change. Take responsibility, both formally and informally, to coach, guide, teach, and mentor others. A true measure of your leadership is how well your team performs when you’re not there.

Honor Commitments.

Earn people’s trust by doing what you say you’re going to do, when you say you’re going to do it. Hold yourself accountable. Be persistent, follow up and follow through.

Listen generously.

Listening is more than simply “not speaking.” It’s giving your undivided attention to the needs and priorities of others. Set aside your own judgments and preconceived notions. Listen with care and with empathy. Most importantly, listen to understand the big picture and the details.

Speak straight.

Speak honestly in a way that moves the action forward. Say what you mean, and be willing to ask questions, share ideas, or raise issues that may cause conflict when it’s necessary for team success. At the same time, practice alignment by fully supporting decisions once they’ve been made. Address issues directly with those who are involved or affected.

Always anchor.

When communicating with vendors or customers, always state your position and anchor the conversations, price and position you take.

Pay attention to the details.

Details matter. Be a fanatic about accuracy and precision. The goal is to get things right, not simply to get them done. Double check your work.

Think and act like an owner.

Make decisions by asking yourself, “What would I do if this were my organization? Could I be making or saving the company more by doing it differently?” Spend the organization’s money like it was yours.


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Be a fanatic about response time.

People expect us to respond to questions and concerns quickly, whether it’s in person, on the phone, or by e-mail. This includes simply acknowledging that we got the question and we’re “on it,” as well as keeping those involved continuously updated on the status of outstanding issues.

Deliver legendary service.

We look at every interaction as an opportunity to create something extraordinary. We’re focused on delivering experiences that people want to tell others about.

Be proactive.

Be organized and plan your work. Solve problems before they happen by anticipating future needs or opportunities and addressing them in advance. Looking ahead allows us to better capitalize on opportunities, and to prevent issues instead of fixing them.

Make quality personal.

Take pride in the quality of everything you touch and everything you do. Always ask yourself, “Is this my best work?” Every aspect of your work has your signature and makes a statement about you. Make sure it’s a statement of excellence.

Celebrate success.

Recognizing people doing things right is more effective than pointing out when they do things wrong. Regularly extend meaningful acknowledgment and appreciation for big things and small — in all directions throughout our organization.


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Contribute to profit.

We’re in business to generate value while making money. We all play a role in building revenue that exceeds our expenses. Look for ways to increase our sales and to control our expenses. We all benefit from the opportunities profitable growth creates.

Find a way.

Take personal responsibility for making things happen – somehow, someway. Look for how we can do it, rather than explaining why it can’t be done. Take ownership. Be resilient yet patient enough to stick with it until you “Find a Way.”

Be relentless about continuous improvement.

“Because we’ve always done it that way” is not a reason. Constantly evaluate every aspect of your job and your skills to find ways to improve. Share what you learn so that others can benefit from best practices as well.

Embrace change.

What got us here is not the same as what will get us to the next level. Get outside your comfort zone, rather than stubbornly hanging on to old ways of doing things. Be excited by the possibilities that change brings.

Practice productive problem-solving.

Just fix it. Apply your creativity and enthusiasm to developing solutions, rather than pointing fingers or dwelling on problems. Identify lessons learned and use those lessons to improve ourselves and our processes so we don’t make the same mistake twice.

Be process-oriented.

Solve problems once. Document and share solutions by creating systems and processes that enable us to perform with consistency and scalability.


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Always remember that we’re a family.

Our relationships go deeper than simply being teammates at work. We genuinely care for and about each other. Whether it’s a kind word during a tough stretch, a friendly smile each morning, or a helping hand in stressful times, show your compassion.

Walk in others’ shoes.

Understand both your internal and external customers’ world. Know their challenges and frustrations. See the world from their perspective. The better you understand them, the more effectively you can anticipate and meet their needs.

Create win/win solutions.

It’s a 2-way street. Learn to think from others’ perspective. Discover what they need and find a way to help them meet those needs while also fulfilling your own. Win/win solutions are always more effective and longer lasting than win/lose situations.

Think team first.

Consider how your actions impact your teammates. Share information and be willing to step into another role or help a co-worker when that’s what’s required for success.

Be positive.

You have the power to choose your attitude. Choose to be optimistic and see the possibilities. Be part of the solution, not the problem. See the glass half full versus half empty. Optimism creates energy and energy creates success.

Invest in relationships.

Our business is built on trust and trust is built on relationships. Make smart decisions that enhance long-term relationships. Nobody cares what we know until they know we care. Show them you care.

Keep things fun.

While our passion for excellence is real, remember that the world has bigger problems than the daily challenges that make up our work. Don’t take things personally or take yourself too seriously. Laugh every day.