Solids Storage System

Federal standards rigorously regulate biosolid conveyance and storage. However, whether conveying or storing dewatered biosolids, sludge, screenings, or grit, operators must consider volume, solids, and substrate density when choosing the right equipment for the job.

JMS offers a complete line of material handling and storage solutions designed to fit precise applications. We carefully consider all aspects of an application before selecting the most appropriate components and equipment to complete all Bio-HANDLING systems.

Solids Storage Systems Options

  • Storage Vessels

Bio-BIN (Open-Top Storage)
Bio-HOPPER (Enclosed Storage) – Square or rectangular
Bio-SILO (Cylindrical Storage)

  • Solids Leveling Systems
  • Storage Vessel Discharge Mechanisms

Bio-SCREW (Screw Conveyor) and Bio-LIVEBOTTOM
Bio-FRAME (Sliding Frame)
Bio-GATE (Slide Gate and Knife Gates)

  • Conveyance Systems
  • Bio-CONTROLS (Controls Systems)
  • Level Detection Equipment

Key features

    • Designed to fit challenging space constraints while meeting application storage capacities
    • Available in either bolted or welded construction
    • Storage units are available with a variety of discharge methods to best deliver material
    • Robust 304SS or 316SS vessel construction
    • Designed to last for decades of use with minimal service
    • JMS designs the complete system from start to finish to ensure proper performance

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