Typically square or rectangular with an open top for loading purposes, our Bio-BIN employs live-bottom screw or sliding-frame technology and can also be designed for smaller volume frontend loader applications. JMS also offers retractable covers for weather protection and odor control.
Each Bio-HOPPER consists of a rectangular or square storage vessel designed explicitly to our customer’s specifications. Every component, from the quantity and size of inlets to the structural reinforcements, is carefully designed to perform for specific applications.
JMS offers three types of stainless steel storage tanks: bolted RTP (rolled, tapered panel) storage tanks, field-welded storage tanks, and shop-welded storage tanks. Additionally, since Bio-SILOs are generally located in corrosive industrial environments, our corrosion protection protocols ensure a long life expectancy. Silos can be painted in the shop to extreme corrosion protection levels or primed for on-site painting. A range of paint specifications suits different regions and environments.