JMS hit another milestone in February 2018 which was celebrated and recognized. Richard Wayne Barger joined JMS on February 22, 1993 and has now completed his 25th year on the JMS team. Rick applied to JMS as a CAD operator with no intention of hiring-on but an offer was made and Rick’s story began. Dave Myers, President describes Rick’s arrival, “Rick arrived on day one with pencil in hand, but soon after launched the JMS CAD department and has not looked back. During his 25 year tenure, Rick continued to be a key contributor to JMS Product Development and Design along with contributing to a business culture that still exists today. Along with Rick’s contributions, our Team has enjoyed his wife Pam’s contributions every Christmas when she delivers a fine selection of Christmas goodies.” JMS and our entire Team have benefited from Rick’s knowledge and contributions for 25 years, and thank Rick Barger for his commitment to JMS from February 22,1993 – February 22, 2018.