The JMS Way describes the values, behaviors, principles, and practices that are the foundation of our unique culture. It explains how we relate to each other, our clients, and even our suppliers. It’s who we are, and it’s what drives our extraordinary success.

JMS Way Employee Recognition – JMS Employees That Demonstrate Our Fundamentals.

Fundamental 3 & 4

Fundamental 3
Contribute to Profit
Ken Siebert Fundamental Ambassador of the week

Question: How would you recommend to employees that Contribution to Profit is beneficial for all?

“I would let them know that your personal effort contributing to profit will not only increase profits for the company. It is a cycle and with your effort up front it will improve the company which then comes back to you, the employee, for your benefit.”

Fundamental 4
Lead by Example
Donnee Bailey Fundamental Ambassador of the week

Question: Do you have a main objective with leading by example?

“Work so it is not like a job, rather a lifestyle. Fellow employees will join in.”