JMS (Jim Myers & Sons, Inc.) announced they received issuance by the US Patent Office of a patent that covers an innovative improvement to their hoseless sludge removal technology.

Patent for invention number 9,764,257 is for a balanced diagonal sludge removal assembly configured for use in a water or wastewater treatment basin. The balanced diagonal sludge removal assembly includes a discharge pipe, collection pipe(configured to slideably receive the discharge pipe) and one or more header pipes. One or more balancing diagonals extend between the collection pipe and the header pipes to provide a second sludge communication path, balancing flow throughout the header pipes.

“This patented equipment design, used in our JMS Mega-VAC (Sludge Removal System), allows us to offer our customers the best in technology for sludge removal, with even, effective removal across the entire width of the basin.” said Kerry Dissinger, Vice President of JMS.

Traditional systems for sludge removal may suffer from constricted and uneven flow caused by forcing sludge through a narrow opening at one end of the discharge pipe. This phenomena results in reduced effectiveness of the sludge removal system overall, and particularly at the extreme ends of the pipe. Flow balancing diagonals minimize the effects of the differential pressure across the header of the Mega-VAC, and have a balancing effect on flow entering each orifice.

This latest patent comes just after JMS was issued a patent on their redesigned Eco-AIR (Low Profile Cascade Aerator). JMS also holds a patent on their TFCATM Top Flow Control Angle that controls headloss and eliminates clogging on the company’s Mega-SETTLER (Plate Settler System).