Citing continued growth in manufacturing demand and its workforce, water and wastewater equipment manufacturer Jim Myers & Sons (JMS) has announced a relocation of its Charlotte headquarters to a new, larger facility.

The mid-April move represents a significant increase in available plant and office space, with administrative and non-manufacturing areas more than doubling, and manufacturing footage netting a nearly 66% increase. It is a move that has been in the works for some time and will have far-reaching benefits, according to company president David Myers.

“This is an exciting time for JMS and those associated with us,” he said. “From a manufacturing perspective, the move will provide for the expansion of many existing manufacturing processes while allowing for future growth in various product areas. We also feel that the added floor space will increase efficiency by optimizing workflow layouts. That, in turn, means a more competitive time-to-market schedule — always a plus for both customers and our team of manufacturer’s representatives.”

On the administrative side, Myers added, the company will not only be able to better accommodate its growing workforce, it will also be better equipped to meet current and future training and sales needs.

“Through added amenities such as newer, larger conference and training areas, we can be better poised to meet a broad range of current and future needs,” said Myers. “This company was founded more than a half century ago by the late James B. Myers Jr. and has enjoyed controlled growth over that time. His commitment to employees, customers and reps has built a sound corporate foundation on which we are able to continue to flourish; this expansion is just the latest example of that.”