Paddle wheel flocculators could be compared to the movement of the paddle wheel boat. Their slow speed and low shear mixing method is well suited for the water treatment processes municipalities require. The Mega-FLOC Horizontal Paddle Wheel Flocculator is typically used at large water treatment plants.
The Mega-FLOC (Vertical Paddle Wheel Flocculator) is typically used at smaller water treatment plants and commonly used in flocculation basins. Along with the proven process performance of a paddle wheel design, JMS Mega-FLOC (Vertical Paddle Wheel Flocculators) follow the “Ten States Standards” and are optimized to produce the highest quality floc particles. The system is NSF-61 certified and processes billions of gallons of water every day.
JMS offers three types of stainless steel storage tanks: bolted RTP (rolled, tapered panel) storage tanks, field-welded storage tanks, and shop-welded storage tanks. Additionally, since Bio-SILOs are generally located in corrosive industrial environments, our corrosion protection protocols ensure a long life expectancy. Silos can be painted in the shop to extreme corrosion protection levels or primed for on-site painting. A range of paint specifications suits different regions and environments.