JMS Presents: A Landmark in Sustainable Wastewater Management

Project Overview The McLoughlin Point Wastewater Treatment Plant, with a budget of $301 million, marks a historic development in wastewater management for the Greater Victoria area. Spearheaded by Harbour Resource Partners, including AECOM Canada, Graham Infrastructure, HDR, and others, this project provides tertiary treatment to several municipalities and Indigenous Nations in the region.

Design and Construction Excellence

  • The plant features two primary structures: a 25,000 square foot operations and maintenance building, and a 75,000 square foot treatment facility, strategically located to blend with the natural surroundings.
  • HDR led the architectural design, focusing on sustainability and efficiency, achieving LEED Gold design standards for the O&M building.
  • The design incorporated energy-efficient features like heat recovery systems and a green roof, supporting local wildlife and aiding in stormwater management.

Innovative Treatment Process

  • The treatment process includes advanced technologies like high-rate settlers, fine screens, Moving Bed Biofilm Reactors, and Biological Aerated Filters.
  • JMS contributed significantly by providing the Mega-SETTLER system, a state-of-the-art inclined plate settler, enhancing the efficiency of primary wastewater clarifiers. This system is especially effective during peak flows and is less affected by overloading, ensuring consistent performance.
  • Designed to withstand future climate and population changes, the plant is equipped with a tsunami protection wall and capacity for future UV expansion.
  • The facility significantly enhances public health and environmental protection for the Strait of Juan de Fuca.

Community Engagement and Education

  • A notable aspect is the public education center in the O&M building, dedicated to educating visitors about the water cycle, local environment, and stormwater management.
  • The center provides an interactive learning experience with views of the city and harbor, promoting public awareness and engagement.

Project Challenges and Achievements

  • Despite challenges like COVID-19, the project was completed on budget and schedule, with innovative solutions for complex tasks like the 940 m long harbour crossing.
  • The project’s commitment to minimizing environmental impact was evident in its construction and operational strategies.

A Model of Resilience and Efficiency

  • The McLoughlin Point WWTP stands as a resilient and sustainable solution, setting a benchmark in the wastewater treatment industry.

JMS is proud to highlight this project, exemplifying our commitment to innovative, environmentally conscious solutions in water and wastewater management.