Below is a recent presentation put together by Greg Hyde to use to present to customers about Biosolids Truck Receival Bins.

Receival Bins

Utilized to accept foreign dewatered sludge from trucks for downstream processing. They are key equipment for quick Capex ROI for Regional processing facilities.

Designed per App
Influenced by: truck capacity & frequency;  footprint & height restrictions; downstream demand or limitations.

  • Capacity – Volume to meet TL requirements
  • Flow/Cycle – purge time to meet frequency/demand

Typical Truck Receival Application:

  • Covered truck dump area, Receival Bins in recessed pit.
  • Retractable covers (personnel safety, odor control and rain protection)
  • Receival Bins evacuating to downstream conveyors and/or pumps.

To Increase Bin Cross Section and Evacuate the Bin quickly & Completely:

  • Multiple live bottom screws are utilized
  • Leveling screws are used to increase usable volume

Shafted Screws and Retractable Top Require Minimal Maintenance.

  • Grease Points: Screw end bearings + motor + Acme Threaded rod.
  • Oil Change: Gear reducer.
  • General housekeeping on retractable cover tracks.
  • Easily Sourced USA replacement Parts.