Watch this JMS Presentation on the types of floating Scum Skimmers that are available.  Jim Brettman, Senior Application Engineer at JMS, talks about skimming solutions available in the market and the pros and cons of each system.

Scum skimmer styles that are available:

One of the most popular styles of scum skimmers used is the scum pipe. It is used in 90%-95% of applications. The other 5% of the time when a skimmer is needed, a helical or paddle wheel skimmer is used.

The Scum Pipe System

A scum pipe is used in batch or intermittent surface scum skimming applications. A scum pipe can be made of various different materials. Scum pipes typically rotate both ways to help gather scum that has also gathered behind the pipe. The most common material of construction is stainless steel due to its long life which results in a low life cycle cost and lower maintenance requirements. The most common size for a scum pipe is 12”- 16” in diameter. The main driving factor for the size of a scum pipe is the change in water elevation a plant experiences from day to day. The greater the change in water elevation, the greater the diameter of the scum pipe must be to accommodate the changing level.

Popular options for scum pipe operating systems

  • Electric actuated
  • Manual hand wheel or lever

Popular options for scum pipe drive systems

  • Worm gear and rack
  • Chain and sprocket
  • Linkage
  • Lever

Watch the rest of the JMS presentation on scum skimmer options to learn more about:

  • Specifics on the JMS Delta-SKIMMER (Scum Pipe)
  • Helical skimmers
  • Paddle wheel skimmers
  • Success stories
  • And more