At wastewater treatment plants the need for the reduction of both the volume and weight of headworks screenings is a key design element, and a significant factor in plant operational costs. Screenings washer compactors are designed to meet this need under challenging conditions. The material characteristics of screenings from coarse or fine mechanical screens can vary significantly. The loose material contains various solids, organics and substantial amounts of water. Screenings washer compactors are designed to receive screenings from primary screening equipment, a conveyor, or sluice trough. Varying in design, they all use a compacting screw mechanism to wash and dewater screenings. This results in reduced organics content, volume, and weight resulting in a substantial reduction in hauling and landfill costs.

Delta-COMPACTOR (Screening Compactor) Key Features

External End Bearing

JMS external bearing is designed to offer better access for maintenance and keeps the bearing out of the bottom of the hopper where grit collects.

Radial and Thrust Bearings with Tension Bars

The JMS radial thrust and bearings with tension bars are designed to keep back pressure from the compaction process from impacting the gear motor.

Coarse and Fine Profile Bars

Individual profile bars that are custom sized for coarse or fine screen applications, allow liquid with high organics content to pass into a catchment tray and on to the drain.

Bullet Nose

A bullet nose on the end of the screw helps maintain alignment as the plug forms at the end of the compaction zone.