Watch this JMS Presentation on the JMS Bio-HANDLING (Material Handling Systems). Greg Hyde, Product Manager | Material Handling from JMS, talks about some of the most popular styles of Material Handling Systems that are on the market today and what their specialized components.

Specializing in the design and manufacture of equipment and systems for the water and wastewater treatment industries for a half century, we have seen the management of biosolids increase in cost, volume, and complexity. Wastewater utility organizations are reaching out to seek options to traditional landfill and agricultural applications that are both cost effective and sustainable. JMS supports this effort with Bio-HANDLING bulk material handling systems providing innovative designs that consider both project needs and budget. Our key strengths can make a difference in your project outcome.

A lot of people still think of conveyors as a way to get product from point A to point B. Conveyors can do so much more now including automated, pivoted, rotate, and shuttled to help evenly distribute product. Multiple conveyors can also be used together to create a conveyor system, creating redundant trains, or to help distribute product.

Watch the full Bio-HANDLING (Material Handling Systems) presentation to learn more about:

  • Conveyor options for a material handling system
  • Storage options for a material handling system
  • Most common styles of handling systems
    • Load-out stations
    • Receiving Stations
    • Dried Biosolids
    • Bio Stabilization Systems