Watch this JMS Presentation on the JMS Mega-BEARING (High Performance Bearing System). Kerry Dissinger, Vice President of JMS, discusses the Mega-BEARING, why JMS developed it, and the need it solves in the market.

What is the JMS Mega-BEARING (High Performance Bearing System)

The JMS Mega-BEARING is a stainless steel bearing system that was developed by JMS to improve the life span of a horizontal paddle wheel flocculator. Issues that the Mega-BEARING was designed to solve include; bearing wear, shaft corrosion, scored shafts, broken shafts, and more. Each of these issues can result in plants needing to pull down basins and can become a costly repair for the plant with maintenance cost, equipment cost, and not having the plant running at its optimal performance.

Mega-BEARING Components:

  • JMS Cast Stainless Steel Housing
  • 17-4PH Solid Shafting
  • JMS Poly-TEXX HPVT Liner
  • JMS Mega-COUPLING (Dual Disk Coupling)

Watch the rest of the JMS Mega-BEARING (High Performance Bearing System) Presentation to learn more about:

  • What went into developing the Mega-BEARING
  • What are each components of the Mega-BEARING
  • What are the benefits of each component of the Mega-BEARING
  • Success stories of the Mega-BEARING
  • And more