Watch this JMS Presentation on “Key Equipment for the Separation Process” presented by Jim Brettman, Product Manager with JMS. Jim talks about some of the key equipment used for separation processes in a wastewater or water treatment plant and addresses some of the design considerations for the various types of equipment.

Key Equipment for the Separation Process

Key Equipment for the Separation Process: Scum Pipes

The most commonly employed scum collection piece of equipment employed at municipal treatment plants is a rotating scum pipe. They are typically used for an intermittent use. Scum pipes are located at the downstream end of the basin, allowing surface scum to flow towards and into the slots cut into the scum pipe.

When selecting an operation system for a scum pipe system a key factor is how often the scum pipe needs to be rotated. Operation of a scum pipe can range from a simple lever operator for applications that require a minimum number or rotations a day, to a hand wheel operation for more frequent manual operation, and then to electric actuators tied to a SCADA system for automated applications requiring more frequent rotations.

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Key Equipment for the Separation Process: Grit Classifier

Grit classifiers are used in grit separation applications. This application is a more abrasive application than it is corrosive. The use of a grit classifier is to remove grit from water to help extend the life of pumps and other equipment downstream. A grit classifier can employ a hydrocyclone or not. As a flow gets higher the classifier must get larger, including the hopper size and screw length. This is when a hydrocyclone is used to help handle high flow demands but keep the classifier size manageable. About 94% of the grit slurry going into a cyclone is routed back to the plant, grit free. The 6%, with the grit, goes into the classifier.

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