JMS has designed the Mega-FLOC (Vertical Paddle Wheel Flocculator) to have all of the moving parts above the water line. This allows for plant personal to have easier maintenance and less down time. To protect the gear reducer and ensure the longest possible component life, a radial thrust bearing takes the brunt of all loads (vertical, axial, radial, etc.). Learn more about the innovation JMS has done with the Mega-FLOC (VPWF) by watching the video or reading about the improvements below.

Mega-FLOC (Vertical Paddle Wheel Flocculator) Key Features

Chain Coupling

The JMS Chain coupling is to designed to help transfer torque from the drive motor to the flocculator shaft.

Radial Thrust Bearing

The JMS Radial Thrust Bearing is designed to absorb vertical and radial loads. With this JMS only feature it reduces the stress of the vertical load on the drive motor.

Shaft Connect

JMS shaft connections are the standard for all flocculators. These connections utilize bored blind flanges with special welds for added strength. Each flange is grooved to the correct diameter and surface milled to parallel for strength and proper alignment.