With the rise of regulation on DO (dissolved oxygen) limits by federal or state agencies many wastewater treatment facilities have been forced to add post-aeration to achieve compliance. JMS designed the Eco-AIR (Low Profile Cascade Aerator) to fill this need while using no energy and using a small foot print. JMS designs each Eco-AIR to reach a minimum DO concentration of 6 milligrams per liter or MG/L to help reach all regulations. JMS commissioned a third party to conduct dissolved oxygen testing.

A 10 ft Eco-AIR emo unit was used with a 4.5 degree floor slope

For this testing, a 10 foot demo unit with probes placed in the intlet and outlet sections was used to determine the inlet and outlet DO concentrations .  The difference in the two readings, or the increase in DO over the 10 foot span was then calculated. Each sampling was done at interval of 30 secs each.

What JMS found was that no matter what the inlet DO concentration was that it was raised by an average of .255 milligrams per liter per foot. With support from JMS sales and engineering JMS can design an Eco-AIR unit to help reach your needed DO Limits.