Paddle wheel floccutors are one of the most popular style of flocculators used in water treatment plants around the world. Flocculators are used to help with large size particles known as flocs have a higher density, and hence a higher settling rate. Both Impeller Style, and Paddle Wheel Style Flocculators can be used in a Water Treatment settlement basin. Paddle Wheel Flocculators can come in different styles; horizontal paddle wheel flocculator, vertical paddle wheel flocculator, and walking beam flocculator. Learn more about the top paddle wheel flocculator manufacturers with this article. 

Top Paddle Wheel Flocculator Manufacturers: Jim Myers & Sons, Inc. (JMS)

Jim Myers & Sons, Inc. (JMS) has become one of the top suppliers for paddle wheel flocculators with their Mega-FLOCS products. JMS has been designing and manufacturing paddle wheel flocculators for over 50 years.

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Top Paddle Wheel Flocculator Manufacturers: Westech, Inc.

WesTech Flocculators are custom designed for all your flocculation needs. Energy is transferred into water through the use of paddle wheels which promote particle agglomeration to form large, fast-settling floc particles.

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Top Paddle Wheel Flocculator Manufacturers: Ovivo

The horizontal paddle Flocculator® is a device designed to gently mix chemically treated water for the purpose of forming flocs and improve settling in the sedimentation basins.

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Top Paddle Wheel Flocculator Manufacturers: Meurer Research, Inc. (MRI)

Meurer Research, Inc. has developed MRI Flocculation Systems™ — integrating turbine, horizontal, and hydraulic flocculators into multi-stage systems with a self-cleaning hydraulic final stage, maximizing versatility and performance.

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Top Paddle Wheel Flocculator Manufacturers: Amwell

Amwell paddle wheel flocculators provide engineers and water treatment facilities with well designed, well crafted, flocculator systems engineered for long life and minimal maintenance. Amwell flocculators are available in your choice of horizontal or vertical configurations for all water applications.

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